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Coming up in May 2019,

a unique opportunity to see US therapist, author

and keynote speaker

Pat Wyman

speak in Belgium on

May 3-4 2019

Time: 10:00 -17:00 hrs

Place: Best Western Hotel Golden Anchor, Ridder Dessainlaan 2, 2800 Mechelen

Who is "I"? : Understanding Parts of Personality

Affective Work for Effective Change

A Masterclass about using the MBTI® and Enneagram together. Pat Wyman addresses the difference between one's "Core Self" (the strong, resourceful, centered part we all have, represented by the MBTI®) and one's "Defense System" (what we do when we are stressed, uncomfortable, scared, etc, represented by the Enneagram). She then shows how to know which one is running your life (or that of your client) in any moment and how to shift back when you are triggered.

More information about the Masterclass here

Why is this for you?

You will understand the origin of internal conflicts and realize the effects of early childhood influence.

Just being aware of two systems at work within you will allow you to see if someone’s defenses are kicking in and give you some tools to bring them back to their core self. While this workshop is primarily intended for your own personal growth it will also be of practical use to professionals working with clients or children in a coaching or therapeutic setting. You will acquire some practical tools you will be able to use right away.

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